A Large Residential Landscaping Project (Ridgefield WA)

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Large Residential Landscaping

Wow, what a large residential landscaping project this was. We worked with a large crew from May through July. We figure we laid four miles of irrigation pipe, thousands of yards of blended soil and bark, truck loads of trees, shrubs and plants, seed lawns as well as 0ver 170 led low voltage lights. Our clients were fantastic people and yes, this is a residence. Here are some of the conditions we encountered when we were a week or two into the landscaping

residential landscaping- irrigation- planting-

This landscaping job did keep us busy for about 3 months last year.

Most of the time we specialize in hardscape projects including paver patios, retaining walls and ponds. On this large residential landscape project we only installed softscaping and of course the lighting, which is considered hardscapes by some. It did start after a couple of weeks to be typical SW Washington weather in spring. That’s right, lots of rain. However, we kept working and project ended up like the next photos. For those curious what softscaping is. It is irrigation, planting, bark installation and of course lawn installation.

large residential landscaping- planting-low voltge led lights- irrigation-

We built the side yard first with soil preparation, planting and low voltage led lights we installed.

large residential landscaping- landscape lighting- led- low voltage lighting.

Why not enjoy your landscaping at night by lighting it up with led landscape lighting

We figure we the lawn installation was about 2 acres worth. We graded, installed thousands of yards of soil mix and compost, graded again, raked, rolled and of course installed the seeded lawn. Below is a photo of some of the backyard seeded lawn. This was indeed a large residential landscaping project.

backyard landscaping- large residential landscaping- lawn

A view from the backyard. The seeding of this lawn never felt like it was going to stop. The yard goes for another 1/4 mile to the front entry. Plants are everywhere.

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