Garden Retreat With Pergola

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Garden Retreat With Pergola

paver patio, retaining wall

This photo is during construction. The paver patio is done along with the retaining wall.

This backyard garden retreat was a lot of fun for us to build. It included retaining walls, pergola, paver patio, steps and most of all a great place to go and enjoy the garden in private. All part of our residential landscaping services. Our client wrote a wonderful 5 star review and I think is says it all.

pergola, pavers, retaining wall building

We built this as a secret garden area in the back corner of the yard. Our clients now have a great retreat area to get away and enjoy their backyard landscaping.

It is my pleasure to recommend Woody’s Custom Landscaping. I had been wanting to have a patio with a pergola put in on one end of my backyard for quite some time. The area had a slope and over the years, I planted some junipers and other shrubs to cover it the ground. Finally I decided this summer to get it done. I realized it was rather late to have this done during the summer but I thought I would try anyway. So in June, I called three hardscape contractors, Woody being one of them and of course all three said that they were booked out through October. One of them wasn’t even taking any bids until July and didn’t even want to come to the house to look at the project. Instead he wanted me to send him pictures over the phone which I did. Three times he said he would call me which he didn’t and I would end up calling him each time; I always like to give people the benefit of the doubt but after the third time, I decided he wasn’t as customer service orientated as he advertised. The other contractor’s estimate was way out of my range. Woody was the only one who came through. He was very forthright – he said that they were also booked and probably couldn’t get to my project until September but he would try to fit me in when he could. I was impressed by his design ideas – presenting creative ideas in an area which I thought was very challenging. His estimate was very reasonable for the work that was done. Woody, with his lead, Darren and his crew team, actually started the project mid-August and finished the project probably in a week when the temperature was over 90 degrees. They removed shrubs, junipers, rocks and excavated the area to be worked on, put in an 11 x 11 (lower patio) & 4 x7 paver patio (upper patio), 19 x 2 retaining wall and built in steps to the upper patio, 2 paver pathways. I also purchased a pergola kit which they together. The whole project turned out great and I am very happy with the work. Woody’s crew team arrived on time every day, always cleaned up the area each day and were always polite, respectful and friendly. Thank you Woody and your crew team for the terrific job!

garden retreat- paver patio- retaining wall

This is a great garden retreat we make this summer. Complete with paver patio, pergola and framed in nicely with retaining wall and steps.

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