Hardscapes and Retaining Walls in Battle Ground

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Ridgefield Wa Patio Construction - Woody's Custom Landscaping

How about a formal outdoor living area in your backyard landscaping?

All areas in Clark County Washington are experiencing a boom in home building and now since the recession is over for now our most popular areas to build hardscapes including retaining walls are Battle Ground WA and Ridgefield WA. Camas WA comes in a close third.

It may be that the hardscaped patio in the above grand award winning project for us was concrete, it is now very popular to install interlocking concrete pavers. 10 years ago retaining walls made from Railroad ties were popular and cheap. Now the trend is to use segmental retaining wall units. Times change and so do hardscapes in your landscaping. In my opinion all for the better.

Retaining Wall in Ridgefield, Washington

Not sure what to do with your sloping side yard. This was a great solution.

Hardscapes are in this day an age are very popular since outdoor living became such a common term of how people want to live once they get home. It seems almost every client we get is installing paver patios, seat walls or in need of a retaining wall because they live on a slope. Hardscapes seem to be here to stay and we aren’t complaining.

Living on slopes make the need for flat space.

Living on slopes make the need for flat space.

We have been building quality hardscapes and custom landscapes for over twenty three years in the Vancouver, Camas and Ridgefield Washington area as premium landscape contractors that pay attention to detail and our clients. Please visit our website @ http://woodyscustomlandscaping.com and use our easy to use contact us form or call 360-687-1882 to schedule  landscape estimates. Here is another blog post that has information on retaining walls Retaining Wall Estimates or Fall Landscaping In Vancouver Washington