Landscape Drainage Solutions

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Landscape Drainage Solutions

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This property needs some landscape drainage solutions

With a wet landscape that does not drain, you may be wondering what are your landscape drainage solutions? Landscape drainage is serious. It could lead to dead plants, boggy areas and even foundation problems. The first question to ask yourself is. How well does my soil drain? Are you on heavy clay soil? If you have standing water, is it a grading issue or that the rain water has no where to go on your property? Do your rain gutters just pour out into the landscape? If so, keep the rain water from soaking your home’s foundation.

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This project addressed excess water. We directed the water into a low spots with a dry creek and dry well.

Most landscaping projects when they have standing water in the yard is because of bad grading and inadequate  soil conditioning. If a French drain is needed, one tip is to make sure the French drain does not have soil covering the top. Drain rock or mixed cobble should be right at the top so it can flow into the French drain. A layer of soil over the top will inhibit water from flowing into the drain.

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Once done all water will be directed out into the foundation drains and this area will become a gravel pathway again.

The above photo shows work on a French drain. There was serious surface water along the pathway. The water pooled by the fence line. We installed a French drain with a area drain in the low spot. All drainage was then directed into the foundation drain and the pathway was then restored. They now have no drainage issues.

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