Outdoor Living and Hardscapes

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Outdoor Living and Hardscapes

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Plenty of space to park your guests with this new entry. Old World Pavers and a wide flagstone entrance.

Outdoor Living and Hardscapes go hand in hand. The above photo shows and entry to the home including a 5-6′ wide flagstone pathway to the front door. Outdoor living in our area is not just a phrase, It is a way of life. Outdoor living incorporating hardscapes has become a lifestyle in the Pacific Northwest. Almost all our clients want extended patios, BBQ areas, sitting walls and gathering places. Outdoor living does not have to be done on a grand scale, it just needs to be incorporated into the landscaping. Small, big, expensive or inexpensive, outdoor living is a major desire for almost all of our residential landscaping clients.

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A circular paver patio with Belgard pavers and fire pit for that cozy feeling. A great outdoor living area with hardscapes.

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A great gathering spot for family and entertainment.

Many times just a small patio with a small water feature will be perfect for our clients. Usually outdoor living areas include a paver patio, a covered area, lighting and some sort of water feature. The idea is to utilize that area for family or entertaining. Some areas are big and some are small. The question is: What are your wants and needs?

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This was designed for the smaller gathering. Paver patio, seat wall, fire pit and water feature


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A formal outdoor living area in the woods is all just a part of this outdoor living project.

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