Outdoor Living With Hardscapes

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Outdoor Living With Hardscapes

outdoor living with hardscapes

This is a great garden retreat we made this summer. Complete with paver patio, pergola and framed in nicely with retaining wall and steps.

The fact of the matter is that outdoor living with hardscapes is more than a fad in the Northwest. It is a standard of living. Our landscaping business roughly does about 70 plus percent of all our work in hardscapes. Paver patios, landscape masonry, seat walls, retaining walls and of course ponds and water features. The above photo was a small area, (not all hardscapes are done on a large scale). Here are a couple of blog posts of outdoor living and hardscapes we have written. I hope you find them interesting. Outdoor Living Construction Estimates or Professional Hardscapes Vancouver Washington

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Much of the labor of this project is buried under the landscaping you see.

Many landscape contractors say they install great hardscapes, but the fact of the matter is that usually is not what they install a lot of. At Woody’s Custom Landscaping, Inc. we have been installing hardscapes since I started the business in 1990 in Vancouver Washington. I invite you to view our landscape video titled ‘Hardscapes Vancouver Washington’ , showing some of the hardscapes we have built recently with a few with a blast from the past. We build them to stand the test of time and always build with quality and beauty.

Please feel free to give a call @360-687-1882 to get your hardscape or landscape estimates or visit our web site @ http://www.woodyscustomlandscaping.com  From our website you can easily use our contact us form. We will get right back to you.