Paver Patio Estimates

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Paver Patio Estimates

Much of our work at Woody’s Custom Landscaping, Inc. revolves around paver patio installations. In fact I think it is right around 40% of all our work is paver patio installation. We do so many paver patio estimates because we have been building them before they were so widely accepted in the Vancouver WA area and as with anything, the more you construct the right way the better the reputation you have. We have ICPI certified personnel that are on site for each and every patio we install. Our installation of Interlocking Concrete Pavers are done the right way with no cut corners. Each patio is guarantied for years of your personal use and enjoyment. Call us for your paver patio estimates today

Vancouver Wa -Outdoor Living Patio Firepit - paver patios

It all starts with a paver patio estimate.

Paver patios can be any shape, many colors and of many textures. Installing paver patios as per ICPI standards assure our clients that they will not sink. In fact the photo above is a paver patio we built after 6 years of being in the ground. Here are some photos of paver patios constructed by us showing that each patio has a unique look for each clients wishes.

Vancouver, Wa Outdoor Living ConstructionSalmon Creek Landscape Design Water Feature - Woody's Custom Landscaping

This paver patio invites anyone to come on in and enjoy once seeing it.

Washougal, Wa Masonry Patio - Woody's Custom Landscaping

This patio is made of mixed Holland pavers. The color is Summit and we installed a charcoal soldier course as the border.

paver patios- interlocking concrete pavers- hardscapes

This was built using mixed Holland pavers.

Feel free to give us a call @ 360-687-1882 or visit our website @ for your quick but accurate paver patio estimates. Start some real outdoor living today with a new paver patio made just for you and your family. We have been building quality hardscapes for over twenty three years in the Vancouver WA area. Check out our paver patio video for a sampling of the many patios we have constructed.