Rainy Weather Landscaping (Can It be done right?)

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Rainy Weather Landscaping. (Can It Be done Right?)

From the featured image, most you reading this would assume that the job had to wait until the weather improved a lot. Not true. The project was very large and we started in April. We finished it in July. Much of the time it was very wet and rainy. Below are some of the finished photos.

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A view from the backyard. The seeding of this lawn never felt like it was going to stop. The yard goes for another 1/4 mile to the front entry. Plants are everywhere.

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A view through the roses in this large Ridgefield WA landscaping project

Right now our company is booking into January with our work. We do slow down in very wet weather but we keep going making sure the project is done right in the end. The only thing that stops us in wet winter weather is freezing and accumulation of snow. Below is a paver patio and landscaping project we built in very wet weather. We got a 5 star review which will be below the photos.

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It all started with a big muddy mess after excavation. Yes, this was rainy weather landscaping.

It ended up like this. Yes, that was a nice day.

rainy weather landscaping-Front yard landscaping- Camas WA- Belgard pavers- landscaping- hardscapes- patios-

Installation is complete with a paver patio, sitting area, gravel pathway and of course planting and irrigation. A completed rainy weather landscaping project.

Below is the review from our client.
Woody’s Custom Landscaping completed a front yard re-landscaping project in October 2017 for us. We had five year old “construction grade” landscaping which were the typical lawn, one tree, and shrubs along the front of the house you get .Woody’s Custom Landscaping completed a front yard re-landscaping project in October 2017 for us. We had five year old “construction grade” landscaping which were the typical lawn, one tree, and shrubs along the front of the house you get with a new home. Linda Myer of L Myer Design, created a wonderful hidden garden landscape design which included replacing the sidewalk from the driveway to front door with a unique paver patio/sidewalk combination, incorporating shrubs and trees to screen the neighbors driveway, and the complete elimination of a lawn to mow. She recommended three landscaping companies and we received bids from all three.
We selected Woody’s Custom Landscaping for our project for the following reasons: We left a message on their office phone and Woody was prompt in returning the call and setting up an appointment to meet with us; he reviewed our landscape design and agreed that he could install it as designed without problems; he made some suggestions for available options and listened to our desires in selecting options or not; and his bid was lower than the other landscaping companies. Once selected as our landscaper, Woody gave us his personal cell phone number as well as the number of his superintendent Darren. They gave us an anticipated start date about six weeks out which accommodated our schedule as well as theirs. Darren contacted us with an exact start date about a week out and they showed up on that morning with a team and equipment to start the project. Woody’s team was on the project every day until it was completed. Once completed they checked back with us to make sure everything was as requested. We had two issues, one with irrigation and one with a low spot in the patio. Woody immediately sent his irrigation and paver specialists out to address our concerns.
We paid Woody roughly half of the bid price on the first day of work and the final payment on their last day of work. They adjusted the final bill to reflect a $200 savings for not installing a second stone step which was in the design but not required as built. We did not ask for the adjustment, Woody just treated us fairly and adjusted the bill because it was the right thing to do. And that sums up our dealings with Woody and his team: although we had a written contract, a handshake was Woody’s promise and he lived up to that promise in every respect – communications, listening, meeting commitments, quality of workmanship, and finally cost.
We would use Woody’s Custom Landscaping again and can highly recommend them.
Yes, Rainy weather landscaping is tougher for us. It should mean little to you though, our client.
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