Simple Landscaping Makeovers

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Simple Landscaping Makeovers

Brush Prariie - Patio and Custom Drainage - Woody's Custom Landscaping

A great place to enjoy some outdoor living with patio, fire pit and water feature

There are many times when clients are thinking of redoing their backyard landscaping or front yard landscaping. Simple landscaping makeovers will totally serve the purpose. On many landscape estimates that I go to, clients seem to think a whole new landscaping is in order. In fact, if the lawn is in good shape and there is too much of it, a simple sculpting out of the sod into larger planter beds opens the door to very nice landscaping. We often will add berms or mounds that are appropriate to the yard space, add some mossy boulders, maybe a paver pathway, add some well thought out planting and a new enjoyable, pretty to look landscape is created. The landscaping makeover below is a perfect example of that kind of scenario.

Vancouver, Wa Fountain Water Feature Design - Woody's Custom Landscaping

A backyard residential landscaping built by Woody’s Custom Landscaping, Inc.

The next simple front yard landscaping makeover was at one time a shady, mossy and totally junked out lawn because of the shade. We instead of fighting nature, removed the lawn and weeds, added some boulders, installed a dry creek, added shade tolerant plants, and built a small paver patio in the front yard. The front yard landscaping looks fantastic and the clients are very happy. The landscape project below is the job.

Vancouver, Wa Custom Drainage Design - Woody's Custom Landscaping

This was a simple landscape makeover. Now it is a beautiful shade garden

If you need a Vancouver Washington landscape contractor that has over twenty five years experience of being a landscape contractor in the area, think of getting your landscape estimates from us. Our landscape estimates are free, quick and accurate. Just check our references and website to see who we are. Contact us below @ our website or call 360-687-1882. Here are some other blog posts you may like to view that we wrote. What Should Be In A Landscape Estimate?  or The Spring Landscaping Rush