What Makes A Good Landscaper?

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What makes a good landscaper is a great question for those seeking a landscape contractor. The answers are many. First a good residential landscaper and the crew must have a good working knowledge of many different tasks revolving around landscaping. A good landscaper must be a master of many different items. A good landscaper must know scale and dimension. He or she must be able to implement the project. Some of the many things that must be common knowledge are: plumbing and irrigation, paver patio installation, retaining wall building, construction knowledge, horticulture skills, low voltage light installation and of course a artistic sense of overall  scale of landscape projects.

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A water feature, paver pathways and a sitting area with great planting. It’s called Outdoor Living and a good landscaper can make it happen.

I personally think that landscaping is a truly ambitious calling. A good landscaper cannot be just average in their skills. One must be very knowledgeable. These skills cannot be passive but very overt. A good landscaper must also be able to lead crews, get clients, budget, and run the daily business. Not everyone can pull this off.

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It took a competent landscaper and landscaping crew to work through winter and install the award winning residential landscaping project.

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A view through the roses

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