What Should Be In A Landscape Estimate?

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What Should Be In A Landscaping Estimate?

Before you start the estimating process, you must first contact a great landscape contractor. I just so happen to have a link for you. http://woodyscustomlandscaping.com/landscaping-quote-request/

What should be in a landscape estimate? Details. Details and more Details. So what does that mean if you want a landscape estimate to turn into something like this photo shown above? Or the landscaping project below, you need details.

outdoor living- paver patio estimates

A formal outdoor living area in the woods.

A proper landscape estimate as per the title photo should include: demolition of existing weeds and debris, how much soil mix is needed to get up to grade, determination of how big the pond will be, tonnage of boulders, size of flagstone patio, plant sizes and quantities, quantity of decomposed granite and header board, drip irrigation and of course bark amount. A incomplete landscape estimate would just label all the items and give a grand total. A good landscape estimate will have each item separated out with each item measured and noted, square yardage of material and tonnage used. For example in this case the landscape estimate looked like this.

Vancouver, Wa Fountain Water Feature Design - Woody's Custom Landscaping

A backyard residential landscaping built by Woody’s Custom Landscaping, Inc.


Clean up of front area on plans and install 36 yards three way soil mix for grades as per plans, grades for water feature, planting etc. Includes:
3 concrete vent wells. Total————————————————————-————$3,060.00

Gravel pathway with composite header. 58′ by 3′. Includes: excavation 4″ deep, barrier cloth, header installation, gravel and compaction.


Flagstone patio and pondless waterfall. Patio 6 by 8′ or 50′ sq. Birch creek stone set in gravel with tight joints. Wind swept moss boulders for pond and

waterfalls (4.5 tons) Pondless waterfall includes: excavation or pond, barrier cloth, liner, plumbing, pump, flow controls, bio filter, waterfalls, filling pond

with river rock. ((Electrical by others))Total————————-———————–————–$7,250.00

Drip irrigation on all new planting including: drip valve, double ck. valves, and drip to all new planting as per plans.


3 Cham lawsoniana “Van pelt. 7-8′ purchased and planted———————–——————–$590.00

Planting including purchase and planting of all plants on plant list not including heuchera, ferns and Hellebores

See plant list.–-————————————————————————————–———$3,496.00

Bark 7 yards dark hemlock———————————————-—————————————–$680.00

All work to have sales tax added @ 8.4%

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