Winter Landscaping In Vancouver Washington

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Winter Landscaping In Vancouver Washington

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Believe it or not. We installed this landscape project in the dead of winter. It also won us a landscaping award.

Many people ask if we install winter landscaping in Vancouver Washington. Yes, life goes on and so does landscape construction in the winter time. The main photo shown as the featured image turned out wonderful. It was muddy and very wet. The client is happy and we were glad to have the landscaping project to install. Here is a photo of part of the finished project.

large residential landscaping- irrigation- planting- lawn

Part of planting and lawn installed in the winter on this large residential landscaping.

Usually when installing winter landscaping, the biggest issue is mud. We just deal with it the best we can and keep slugging it out. I don’t know why this is, but we have won 16 industry landscape awards and many of them were done in the dead of winter in Vancouver Washington. Below are a series of projects in which we have won awards for. All were done in the winter. They were all given awards for superior landscape construction by Washington Association Of Landscape Professionals.

Award Winning Outdoor Living Construction - Woody's Custom Landscaping

A Grand Award Winning Landscape project

Vancouver, Wa Retaining Wall Construction - Woody's Custom Landscaping

This was a winter landscaping project in which we won an award from.

winter- landscaping- Vancouver- Washington

This pond won us a grand award from The Washington Association Of Landscape Professionals. It was done in the winter time.

winter-fall landscaping- pond- planting- hardscapes- pavers

Yes, this was built during winter and into April a bit. 120′ by 60′ pond, 1,100′ paver installation and this is just a small portion of the project.

Yes, landscaping and hardscapes can and do get built in the winter. There is no reason not to. Of course if it is snowing, frozen or we are having a Noah’s flood situation timing is an issue. If for whatever reason we think quality because of weather is an issue, we wait until we can proceed. Please feel free to give us a call @ 360-687-1882 and talk to us personally to arrange for landscape estimates. Our website is