It’s Fall Landscaping Time

It’s Fall Landscaping Time

retaining wall- hardscapes- walls

This retaining wall helps to level out a small sloped front yard.

If you haven’t done your landscaping yet. Don’t worry. It’s fall landscaping time. The soil is moist and cool in the Pacific Northwest, plants have all winter to acclimatize to new surroundings. Hardscapes can be done easily and of course sod loves a fall installation. You may also find it easier to find a landscape contractor that can get it built for you.

fall landscaping- sod-

Fescue RTF sod allows for shadier conditions, repairs itself quicker than perennial rye, uses less water and less fertilizing.

Many potential clients ask when we stop work. We don’t. In fact, one of our largest residential landscape projects started in December and went on until April. We did not have one dead plant or failure of any hardscapes. Below is a photo of part of the fall landscaping we built.

fall landscaping- pond- planting- hardscapes- pavers

Yes, this was built during winter and into April a bit. 120′ by 60′ pond, 1,100′ paver installation and this is just a small portion of the project.

pavers- fall landscaping- planting- ponds- waterfalls-

This photo was taken in summer after building it all in the winter months. Fall is the perfect time to landscape

If you would like some other tips on landscaping your home? Please check out this other blog post, Fall Hardscapes and Landscaping   You are also invited to call our office at 360-687-1882 and see how easy it is to get your landscape estimates. It’s Fall Landscaping Time.