A Large Residential Landscaping Project

large residential landscaping project

A portion of the plans for the large residential landscaping project

We were fortunate enough to land a large residential landscaping project this year. It took us 3 months and many of our employees to get it done. We prepped the ground with thousands of yards of mixed soil blends and when finished thousands of yards of dark hemlock bark. We installed over 4 miles of pipe for the irrigation system and installed truck loads of trees, shrubs and ground cover for the planting. We also built a 170 led landscape lighting system for the entire 3.5 acres. It all started like this on a rainy muddy day. I really think it was more like a week.

residential landscaping- irrigation- planting-

this job did keep us busy for about 3 months this year.

Time and a capable crew soon turned the area into this fantastic looking landscape.

large residential landscaping- irrigation- planting- lawn

Part of planting and lawn installed on this large residential landscaping.

residential landscaping- planting-low voltge led lights- irrigation-

We planned to do this side of the entry first. Irrigation, soil preparation, planting and low voltage led lights were installed.

It was about 2 months into the landscaping and all irrigation. most of the planting, low voltage lighting was done. We ran a system of checks to make sure everything was functioning well. With this large of a residential landscaping project we found many and thank god they were small, items to correct. Here is what some of the finished product looked like.

 view through the roses

landscape lighting- led- low voltage lighting.

Why not enjoy your landscaping at night by lighting it up with landscape lighting

backyard landscaping- residential landscaping- lawn

A view from the backyard. The seeding of this lawn never felt like it was going to stop. The yard goes for another 1/4 mile to the front entry. Plants are everywhere.

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